Tranzsend Prayer and Self Denial

We are now beginning our time of Prayer and Self Denial as we support Tranzsend - the sending and ministry arm of The New Zealand Baptist Missionary Society. 

Prayer and Self Denial is an annual appeal to raise support for NZBMS, our denomination's overseas mission organisation. It's a time to focus our attention on Global Mission, and to reflect on what He is doing in His world. It's an occasion to pray for our workers who serve abroad. To give, so that we can continue to express God's love into difficult places. To deny ourselves so that others may be blessed.

The receptacle this year for collecting our Self Denial offering is a waka. The kits to make these waka are available at church but there is some construction required - here's the link to the instructional video:

For more resources about self denial, check out the Tranzsend website here.